What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a podiatrist?

Like any other profession, podiatric medicine comes with its set of pros and cons. These are important points to note for those who are interested in the field as well as those who are in the field already. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of being a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

  • Advantages

The first advantage of being a DPM is that the field is continually growing and hence for those who develop an interest in it, you will enjoy the experience of being part of a developing field of medicine. The development is being accredited to the wide adoption of technology in the field which has seen the procedures become more precise and easier to perform.

Podiatric medicine is rapidly becoming a common practise due to the high demand for foot treatment specialists. This is mainly due to the rising number of people who are suffering from various foot ailments. For instance a lot of old people and athletes are in need of podiatrists to cater for their feet problems.

The weekly hours of a podiatrist are relatively more flexible than those of most medical professionals. This means that as a podiatrist you will enjoy having plenty of free time and sociable work hours. This is especially possible for those who decide to start their own practice and hence they can work for the hours they see fit.

The salaries for podiatrists are relatively fair especially after they have undergone further studies. For private practitioners who are able to balance between surgery and another specialization, they can make up to six figures a year due to the influx of patients.

  • Disadvantages

Many people will always see you as person who cuts toenails for a living. For the faint hearted this is a disclaimer as this is like having someone throw dirt on your career. This can also be monotonous as many people who walk into your practice will essentially require toenail trimming. This usually leads to a sore back neck as a result of continuous bending when catering for toenails.

It is usually a huge problem for fresh graduates to deal with people who have smelly feet. It is a disadvantage that takes some time to get used to due to the awful smell of feet.

Another disadvantage is that for podiatrists cannot specialize in a different area of medicine. This means that if an individual decides to switch careers they have to start a fresh in the new specialization. It is also considered a poor degree to build a career on especially in a large medical institution.

For those who start private podiatrist practice, they often have to do a lot of networking because not many people have familiarity with this field of medicine. The networking may take months or years to put your name out there and start receiving patients.

It is also a very isolated field as not a lot of interesting things happen on a given day as compared to other medical fields.


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